Ashraya - Home for Senior Citizens, has been founded with the aim of providing a facility to take care of Senior Citizens. With the years, a string of physical and mental afflictions would have caught up with them. In some cases this might even hinder them from doing their routine tasks. They might require special care and attention, which many a times family members may not be in a position to give. Further, due to occupational obligations of others in the family, the aged tend to be left alone at home. Situations similar to these necessitate a facility such as Ashraya.

At Ashraya, the intention is to provide the aged a life of comfort and peace, after a life of hard work and responsibilities. It is a place where the elderly can live life with self-respect, dignity and the confidence that comes from being independent. Here one can live life with complete freedom in a secure environment, with all needs taken care of. The campus has all the necessary infrastructure needed for the special needs that accompany advancing age.

Ashraya is located at Haradi, Brahmavar, Udupi District. It has been built on 24 acres of land at a beautiful location with ample greenery and open spaces. The campus is an ideal location for one to enjoy life at a leisurely pace.

About Us

Ashraya was founded in the year 2008 by Dr. A. V. Baliga Charitable Trust, Mumbai. The trust has been at the forefront of many similar socially relevant initiatives in Mumbai and the coastal region of Karnataka for a long time now.